Procedure For Acquization Of Lands For Single Unit Complex (SUC)

  • Identification of the lands by the promoters for their proposed projects in tune with Govt., guidelines.
  • Approval of the projects by the Competent Authority – State High Level Clearance Committee(SHLCC)/State Level Single Window Clearance Committee (SLSWCC)
  • Filing the application to KIADB along with the required documents and also the details of the lands.
  • Promoters to obtain consent from the land owners/farmers before initiating the acquisition proceedings as decided by the SHLCC/ SLSWCC.
  • Promoters to execute an agreement paper worth of Rs.200/- with KIADB regarding acquisition of land.
  • Promoters to deposit 40% of the tentative land cost along with the applicable Board Service Charges before submission of draft preliminary notifications to the Govt.
  • Publication of Preliminary Notifications under Sec.1(3), 3(1) and 28(1) of the KIAD Act, 1966 in the Karnataka Gazette.
  • Issue of notices to the land owners by the SLAO under Sec.28(2) of the Act for filing the objections, if any, within 30 days from the date of serving of the notices.
  • Hearing of the objections and passing the orders under sec. 28(3) by the Special Land Acquisition Officers.
  • Joint Measurement of the lands and preparation of the draft final notification under Sec.28(4) of the KIAD Act, 1966.
  • Promoters to deposit balance 60% of the tentative land cost before submission of draft final notification to the Govt.
  • After publication of the final notification, land vests with the Govt. free from all encumbrances under Sec. 28(5) of the Act.
  • Issue of notices to the erstwhile land owners under sec. 28(6) of the Act, to surrender / deliver the possession of lands within 30 days from the date of serving the notices.
  • If any person refuses or fails to comply with an order made under sub-section(5), the State Government or any Officer authorized by the State Government in this behalf may take possession of the land and may for that purpose use such force as may be necessary.
  • Transfer of lands to the KIADB under Sec. 28(8)of the Act.
  • Payment of compensation to the erstwhile land owners.
  • Price Advisory Committee will be conducted U/s.29(2) of the Act. If the acquired extent is more than 30 acres the concerned Deputy Commissioners will conduct the PAC vide G.O No.400 SPQ 2011 Dt.,26-11-2012, and if, the acquired extent is below 30 acres PAC will be conducted by the Special Deputy Commissioner, KIADB.
  • Compensation for the malkies and structures existing on the lands acquired will be paid as per the valuation report by the concerned departments.
  • Promoters to remit the difference in cost of land, value of malkies & structures together with the applicable board service charges.
  • Issue of allotment letter, possession certificate and execution of lease deed for 99 years.
  • Promoters to implement the project within 36 months from the date of taking the possession of land for medium and large industries and 60 months for mega and super mega industries.
Sl.No Purpose of Acquisition Zone 1 &  2 Zone 3 &  4
1. Acquisition of land in favour of Government Departments/ State Government Undertakings 7.5% 7.5%
2. Acquisition of land in favour of Government of India Departments / Government  of India Undertakings 10% 10%
3. Common Effluent Treatment Plants & Solid Waste Disposal Projects, Sewerage Treatment Plants, Drinking Water Supply Scheme/Schemes/ Projects 5% 5%
4. Acquisition of land in favour of Industries Associations / Organisations such as  FKCCI, BCIC, CII, FICCI, KASSIA, Laghu Udyog Bharathi 7.5% 7.5%
5. Acquisition of land in favour of all Single Unit Complexes except Sl. No. 1 to 4 mentioned above 10% 12%