1. What are the procedure/ guidelines for allotment of land?
For detailed information refer Procedure
2. In normal course who can get allotment of the industrial/civic amenity plot?
Any entrepreneur who is eligible as per law of land can apply for allotment of land.
3. Are provisions are made for civic amenities in industrial areas?
Govt. of Karnataka in notification No. CI 86 SPQ 90 Bangalore dated 13-03-1991 has specified Hotels, Post Office, Commercial complex, Hospital, Cinema theatre, R&D Centres, Educational Institutions, Holiday Resorts etc as civic amenities. KIADB has made provision for establishment of such civic amenities in industrial areas.
4. What is the procedure adopted during land acquisition for Single Unit Complexes?
For detailed information refer Procedure
5. What is the time stipulated for submission of building plan for approval?
For detailed information refer Procedure
6. What are the provisions under which unapproved building can be legalized by your office along with copy of such forms and details for the same?
There is no provision in the KIAD Act, 1966 for regularizing the unauthorized building i.e., buildings constructed without approval of the building drawings. However, at the time of execution of sale deed if there is any minor violation of building regulations of the Board, the CEO & EM of the Board will levy penalty depending upon the nature of violation.
7. Give the list of Public Information Officers and Asst. Public Information Officers of KIADB?
8. What is the time stipulated for implementing the project after obtaining possession of the land?
The allottee/company has to implement the proposed project within two years from the date of issue of possession certificate.
9. Is there any provision to sublease the land allotted to another company/unit?
There is no provision to sublease the vacant land. Instead the building constructed in the allotted land can be subleased under the provisions of Clause 11(4) of the lease cum sale agreement.