Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project has been envisaged as a 111 km express way between Bangalore & Mysore, 41 km Peripheral road & 9.8 km Link road connecting Bangalore to the express way. The project is an integrated infrastructure corridor consisting of 5 townships along express way. The 5 townships are Corporate center; Commercial center (near Bidadi); Industrial center, Heritage center (Ramnagar); Eco-tourist center (Srirangapattana). The Frame Work Agreement (FWA) was executed between M/s.Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprices Ltd and Govt. on 03.04.1997 to implement the project. As per FWA, total 20193 acres of land have to be handed over to M/s Nice wherein 6999 acres are required for toll road and 13194 acres for the townships. Out of these 20193 acres, 6956 acres are Govt land and 13237 are private lands. The entire cost of acquisition and infrastructure development is to borne by the project company.

LAND ACQUISITION FOR BMICP: Article 5 of FWA provides for acquisition of land by either Govt or Govt instrumentalities. An agreement was executed between KIADB and Project Company on 14-10-1998 for acquiring the land required for the project. As per the said agreement, 23,846 acres have to be acquired and handed over to M/s.NICE. For this project, about 26488 acres are notified under 3(1); 19361 acres under 1(3); 18218 Acres under 28(1) & 4810 acres under section 28(4) of KIAD Act.

So far, 7159 acres handed over to the Project Company (5000 acres of Govt land and 2159 acres of private land). Sale deed has been executed for about 1696 acres of private land & 2 acres of Govt. land.